How Do You Stage Your House to Sell?

Posted by Calgary Homes Group on Monday, November 12th, 2018 at 12:56pm

The home is the most adored and most beautiful place for the owner. In fact, all of us try to be at home whenever we can and cherish all the comforts that we have put into the house. The personalized look and feel of the house are held dear by all the homeowners. But when the time comes to sell your house, a potential buyer who visits your house for a preview would not want to see how you live or what memories you have in the house. You are selling the house to a potential customer, making your house a product. A product should be presented to a customer as their own. Many times, while putting up a house for sale, the homeowner moves to a temporary location and puts up the house for viewing. You don’t want to leave the house vacant, do you? Or leave it with the same old paint on the walls and dust settled over everything? That would make the house look undesirable. Decorating your house and putting up the pieces that support good living conditions to make the house look appealing is called home staging. If you’re going to put up your property in the homes for sale list and want to sell it for top dollar, home staging is necessary to convince potential buyers that the home is in good condition and has been maintained properly.


What is Home Staging and How Does it Work?

Whenever you’re selling your house you don’t want potential buyers to look at a vacant space with just the roof and the floor. Many buyers will not be able to discern the full utility of the place being provided to them. For this reason, home staging is necessary. Home staging includes placing goods and products in the house to present a certain lifestyle and comfort. This way, the potential buyer who walks through your house can understand the full utilization of your home and picture their own lives in the house. Home staging includes painting the house, putting pieces of furniture in places necessary in the most presentable way, putting up pieces of art or sculptures to make the house look desirable, including preparing and cleaning the house considering an immediate move in. The better you stage the home for a sale in the market, the better are your chances to sell the house sooner and for top dollar. If you know the basic step by step process of home staging, you can give your home a makeover. But it’s always recommended that you hire a professional home staging service.

  • The very first thing you’d want to do is freshen up the house with a new paint job. You don’t want the potential buyer to look at the same old withered paint.
  • When the paint job is done, go ahead and bring in some nice designer furniture or as your budget allows. Remember it’s an investment you’re making which will surely reap profits and increase the value of your house. You can collect furniture from different sources or get rental furniture. If you need furniture for your next home, you can buy it now, display it to the buyer and take it with you when the new owner has decided to move in. Two birds in one stone.
  • Set up the bedrooms and the living room. Once the furniture has been brought in, you must allocate them accordingly to each area of the house. Set up the bedroom first as it’s the first thing that anyone is interested in while buying a house. You can use air mattresses and a basic bed frame in the bedroom but remember to cover up the bed using bed sheets and bed skirts. Be wary of the furniture placement as it puts an impression on the buyer. Use more artwork or sculptures in the living room. Choose a minimalistic design for the curtains, bed sheet and any other fabric being used. Use colors but remember not to personalize too much. Everybody’s tastes vary.
  • Use up that old storeroom. If you have a spare room in your house, clean it up and set up a bedroom or an office. This is so that the buyer can see the full utilization of the space being provided to him.
  • Clean up everything and update your kitchen and bathroom. You want to show the potential buyers that you have maintained your home with pride. Make sure you keep your bathrooms and kitchen clean. Add new towels and air-fresheners to your bathroom. Keep the whole house spic-and-span. This will convince the buyer that the house has been maintained well and they will have no problem living there.
  • Lastly, when you put up your home for sale, click some good pictures for presentation.

Some Extra Tips and Tricks for Home Staging

  1. Neutralize your Colors

    Always use neutral colors while getting a paint job done. The potential buyer should be able to picture his own life in the house. So, whatever your favorite color might be, don’t use solid colors or personal ideas. Keep the colors neutral. Use colors like light gray or a light shade of beige. For areas like bathrooms or kitchens where there is moisture, use flat sheen which is neutral as well as washable.

  2. Place Mirrors

    Use mirrors in bedrooms to liven up the space. Don’t use too many mirrors. Be wary of the placement of your mirrors. You can place the mirror opposite a window that has a natural view outside, reflecting the natural light and view into the room, thus increasing the impact.

  3. Use Quality Lighting

    Lighting is very important in a home staging. Lighting puts positive impressions on the buyer. Make sure no area of your room has dull and dark lighting as it will have a negative impact on the buyers’ mind. Replace any light bulbs that need replacement. You can use energy efficient LED bulbs that are eco-friendly just in case the buyer is an environmentalist.

  4. Depersonalize and De-clutter

    Remember that your home is a product on sale and the potential buyer should be able to envision their own life in the house. So, remove any personal items from your house like pictures of your family, awards won by your kids or posters of your favorite celebrity. Keep it as minimal as possible. Remove any unusable items from the house. For example, books you don’t read or umbrellas racked in a corner or unused utensils from the kitchen. Just keep the most utilizable items visible.

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